What is BI ?

Business intelligence (BI) is the mix of devices, procedures, and aptitudes that assistance transform the immense measure of a company’s information into edible information. BI can have an immediate positive effect on business execution of an undertaking by significantly enhancing the capacity to achieve the mission, by settling on more brilliant choices at each level of the business from corporate technique to operational procedures.

Why Business Intelligence is vital for organisation ?

  • Lift profitability
  • To pick up sales and market knowledge
  • Results closer to established goals
  • Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Pick up experiences into buyer behaviour
  • To enhance visibility
  • To transform information into significant data


It can give specific information to particular employee or to the particular department and it shows the analytical information to them. For an instance:-

  • if you are a CEO of a business association, our Odoo Analytics module will enable you to see:

Query items on yearly premise

Gainfulness reports of quarterly premise

Top selling services and products

Benefit reports for earlier years

  • If you are a CFO, our Odoo Analytics module will enable you to see:

Cost and spending similarity proportion

Spontaneous costs incorporated into the following financial year

Records Payable

Records Receivable

Aggregate benefits of the organisation

  • HRs can see the accompanying reports and updates:
  • Distinguishing proof of loyal and dedicated workers
  • Track steady loss
  • Appraisal and achievements