Enterprise Resource Planning

Increment the efficiency and the business process.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Benefits of ERP

Focused IT Costs
Total Visibility
Improved Reporting and Planning
Complete Customization
Improved Efficiency
Customer Service
Data Security and Quality
Improved Collaboration and Workflows
Standardized Business Processes
Facilitated Regulatory Compliance
Improved Supply Chain Management
Superior Scalability

Without ERP

With ERP

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Heliconia ERP is an exhaustive undertaking resource Planning system that offers best-practice support for multi-mode makers in a broad extent of Industries. In the present powerful business condition it is essential to be prepared to face a vast and competitive world. In this period of reducing overall budgetary situation, the most focused on divisions are the small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

They are attempted by the need of the client and consistence orders, compelling association of provider, costs control and finding new clients to wind up the business. Heliconia ERP offers strategy that draws in creators to battle in the general economic situation. Heliconia Manufacturing has the capacity of both finite and infinite planning capabilities which assist you to develop original schedule. Heliconia Manufacturing Management also transforms the supply chain to achieve production plan with your sales plan, manufacturing, finance and customers.

ERP programming is additionally called as Enterprise Resource Planning programming which are proposed to upgrade the capability of the businesses. Implementing an ERP system can be benefited in several ways, for example, increment in the efficiency and the business process.
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Construction management

Our Construction Management System is particularly intended to improve the way a development organisation works keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee proceeded with progress even as the organisation changes and develops.

Using Heliconia ERP, your associations can consolidate a few capacities into a legitimate, coordinated framework that encourages the stream of informations over your association.

Heliconia ERP is planned to use a centralised database that encourages the modeling and automation of fundamental procedures over your association, killing the requirement for different frameworks maintained by different units of the organisation.

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From HR to finance and examination, we have the correct answers to run your medicinal services association better, speedier, and less complex venture wide. Investigate our thorough answers for every single operational process over all businesses to discover the arrangements you have to assemble an associated organisation and bolster nonstop development

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Hospital Information System (HIS)

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is computerised legal therapeutic record made in an affiliation that passes on mind, for instance, Hospital or pro’s inside. EMR will provide for improve the individual fulfilment by decreasing costs. The usage of the structure will unite the restorative information.

HIS (Hospital Information System) is a segment of prosperity informatics that spotlights primarily on the administrational needs of facilities.

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