Struggling With Multi-System Integration?
Odoo CRM Is The Solution

Are you trying to achieve optimum business productivity? If yes, then you might be aware of the fact that productivity comes from working smart while working hard. Different departments of a business generate disparate data elements many of which are hard to combine and relate to at the time of need. Consider the amount of data generated via different teams such as sales teams that generate leads to accounting teams that handles invoices to operations team which are responsible for inventory and management.

If the data generated through these teams is combined and put to use to increase the productivity, it can reap golden benefits for the business. But that’s what many organisations fail to understand and keep operating with disparate systems thus leading to more crisis with each passing day. Improper integration of multiple systems lead to issues like inaccurate inventory management and loss of customer information which hinder the growth of your organisation.

Businesses like that of yours are accelerating with high pace in the era of internet and connectivity. But what separates established businesses from growing ones are their avant grade processes. They use technology as tool to integrate their systems and make the most out of their workflows and processes. Odoo CRM helps you achieve just that by allowing you to integrate functions of sales, inventory, APIs, documentations and marketing apps. Here’s how-

Increase your sales by knowing your customer better

Odoo CRM helps you to get a complete overview of each of your customers. You can have access to all the information at one place including but not limited to customer orders, invoices, due amount as well as opportunities. Such personalised information can help you provide excellent experience to your end customers while allowing you understand their buying patterns, choices and preferences, buying history thus anticipating their needs.

Efficient Inventory Integration

Very often businesses make the mistake of focusing only on the client side of things while dismissing management of internal operations. Odoo CRM provides an efficient system that improves all the internal operations through efficient stocking methods. Be it information related to available products in stock or their billing and quotation details, Odoo CRM makes it all available at your fingertips as it allows the inventory integration with different channels such as sales, purchase as well as accounting. Moreover, it also allows you to even take actions relating to order delivery and checking their status.

Seamless Integration of APIs

Every business has different needs and based on your business needs you can choose the APIs that benefit your business better. Success of a business depends on communication with different software systems and Odoo’s non-restrictive API allows you to do that in a seamless manner. You can use different platforms and proprietary software programs along with Odoo for effective communication and smooth business functions. For example, it allows you to integrate your calendar (such as Google calendar) with its system so that you can check, manage and update your meetings through both the channels. Odoo CRM provides you with different APIs for various business functions such as automating lead generation or connecting other softwares etc.

Access information that matters

Accurate information acts as the building block for efficient sales. Odoo CRM makes this information available in no time. Be it a situation where a salesperson searches for important information to close the deal through integrated online and inside channels or providing Google Docs integration to link any document to your opportunities, Odoo has it all.

Multi-Sales Channel Integration

For your business to grow everyday, you need to focus your marketing strategy on multiple channels. With Odoo multi-sales channel integration you can manage different online sales channels such as Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce sites at one place through single Odoo database. You can even import and manage products, categories and customers from multiple channels to Odoo. The Odoo system will automatically synchronise data and will help you to take your business forward without missing out on opportunities.

Marketing Apps

A good marketing strategy with multiple elements that drive dales holds the power to up your business game. Odoo’s set of marketing apps allow strong lead acquisition and nurturing with apps for email marketing, events, URL tracking, landing pages etc. These marketing apps also help you with your campaigns to segment your databases easily while calculating the performance with advanced statistics.

The bottomline here is to understand the importance of smooth business functioning at all times. Odoo ERP integrated with it’s efficient CRM helps your business set the direction and achieve goals more productively. Even if your business model requires highly customised features and functioning, Odoo is capable of doing that with precision. Wondering if all of this is too good to be true? Try Odoo for free and check for yourself.

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