Odoo ERP Integration: How It Takes E-Commerce To The Next-Level?
Odoo ERP Integration

The landscape of e-commerce business is constantly evolving these days with the changing preferences of people who prefer online shopping. Creating an online e-commerce store is not anymore about stability but its about adapting to the changing needs of the customers in order to stay relevant and competent among other businesses in the market. If you need an online business shop with efficient modules integrated with customer management, Odoo Open Source E-commerce is the solution for serving your requirements.

E-commerce and Odoo ERP work hand-in-hand as it is flexible, evolving, cloud-based and easy to use. As Odoo is an open source system, it’s easily available in the market and it offers a complete ERP solution with hundreds of modules for small and mid-sized businesses. When you integrate your existing system with Odoo, you’ll add many more benefits to your e-commerce store as it will automate your entire business process at one centralized place.

Here’s how Odoo ERP integration can take your e-commerce business to next-level:

Respond According to Customer Needs

An e-commerce website differs from other normal websites in many different aspects. While landing on your ecommerce website, your customers need to get the unique angle of it. Odoo ERP when integrated correctly with your e-commerce store, provides exactly what your customers need in a quick and efficient manner. Odoo’s accounting-centric open source ecommerce solution helps you to improve your time-to-market which allows you to extend and optimize your e-commerce platform effortlessly.

A Comprehensive E-commerce Solution

Integrating Odoo’s eCommerce platform allows you to manage your inventory and sales management via the features of automatic stock adjustments and reporting. Customer management also becomes easy and smooth with dedicated customer portals through which their data can be organised with order tracking and claims. Customers can also download their invoices and delivery orders while tracking their pending shipments.

Beautifully Crafted Product Pages

Another interesting feature that comes with Odoo e-commerce integration is that it allows you to create and customise your product pages simply by using drag-and-drop options. The readily curated building blocks are available on the dashboard and you can use them as per your choice to create your product pages. You can also edit the text and place the product description, characteristics and images on the web page of your choice. From customizing the theme to layout to color and the font, you can set it all for your product pages and website to lure your customer’s attention.

Choose Your Payment Gateway

Odoo’s open source ecommerce store integration allows you to choose and add the most compatible payment options for your e-commerce store along with the choice of flexibility for the payment method. Your customers deserve convenient payment options and with Odoo e-commerce, you can provide them that.

Whether your customers opt for Visa, PayPal, Ingenico, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, PayUmoney, Stripe and SIPS Worldline or other payment modules like debit and credit cards, Odoo allows you to customize the payment options as per their needs. You can let your customers choose their preferred method of payment with Odoo’s flexible options.

Manage Your Ecommerce Products

An e-commerce store evolves with time as the products are updated. Product management can be a tedious job if the features are limited or have no options at all. Odoo open source e-commerce store allows business owners to handle the product management without any hassle. You can create new banners and product, add new images to them. Odoo will integrate all bits of information throughout the system and reflect changes smoothly.

Module Choices and Low-Cost Implementation

Odoo ERP consists of multiple useful management modules such as sales, customer, warehouse, accounting, purchase that aid to your e-commerce business in simplifying certain processes. An additional benefit with Odoo is the low implementation cost as it is a free licensed open source software. You only make payments for the customization and implementation of your choice. Moreover, Odoo ERP reporting module provides you with comprehensive latest reports that allow you to make decisions quicker.

Scalability and Profitability

Odoo allows you to scale your system anytime as you can add more users to your account while growing your business. It also allows you to add more functions to your business with new modules thus, allowing high scalability. Odoo e-commerce integration allows you to organise your customer data so that at any given time, you can easily track orders or claims. It also benefits the customers as they can download their invoices and check their pending shipments with Odoo.

Using Odoo can help you generate more profit and benefit your e-commerce business better as it will allow you to effectively manage your store and focus on the important aspects that generate revenue.