Leverage Your Business By Amalgamation Of Odoo IoT Wings!
Odoo IoT

Undoubtedly it’s a fact that ERP community has reached to new heights with the added benefits of the IoT. IoT is also proving as a boon for Open Source ERP – Odoo platform as it offers a number of benefits along with out-of-the-box solutions. As a result, it can be said that Odoo IoT module turns the software into an impeccable solution with the IoT integration.

The IoT box is designed in a way so that it offers an extended reach to the wider audiences and provides maximum reach of ERP software with increasing capabilities by connecting gadgets to the core platform. With this innovation in the Open Source ERP Odoo platform, Odoo accelerates the market acquisitions of numerous smaller businesses and the mid-sized enterprises to get on the board.

With this blog, we are going to explain how Odoo IoT would help in leveraging the most out from your business with its implementation. So let us have a look over that.

What is Odoo IoT?

  • Odoo’s latest module that is released with Version 12
  • Allows to make functional use of IoT devices with an aim to enhance your business
  • Is a small box with a Raspberry Pi making it easier to connect IoT devices to Odoo

Working of Odoo

It needs to be connected with the IoT devices to your ERP system which is sometimes difficult. As a result, the IoT box plays a middle point between Odoo ERP system and the external devices as automatic integration of devices may not be possible in absence of internet.

  • With the help of Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, the IoT box connects to Odoo.
  • Odoo then detects the boxes ending up with configuring them through the browser
  • For the devices, multiple input connections can be allowed by IoT box. This includes Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi and HDMI.
  • If in case any specific device does not meet these formats, you can contact Odoo or an Odoo partner to develop the driver for your needs.

Using Odoo-IoT module

  • Odoo starts to shine as soon as IoT devices are connected to the system as it is a suite of interconnected applications.
  • Odoo IoT module works hand-in-hand with its other modules just like the rest of its applications with an aim of easily incorporating your IoT devices into your business processes.

Thus, this is how you can extend your Open Source ERP based business system with maximum benefits from Odoo-IoT module.