How Odoo’s Comprehensive PLM Can Enhance Benefits For Your Business
Odoo’s Comprehensive PLM

Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) is one of the most important elements of a production cycle which allows its successful development. A PLM is a set of strategically defined processes in order to reduce the time-to-market period as well as unit cost in production cycle to increase returns. A comprehensive PLM allows businesses to keep complete tracking of a production from initial to final stages including revisions.

Focused engineering efforts and faster time to market are achieved by big corporations through a comprehensive PLM process integrated within a reliable ERP system. Odoo ERP is a trustworthy solution for managing projects as it offers a PLM model that provides a transparent and collaborative social platform for communication between multiple teams including research and development, sales and marketing, purchasing, operations and manufacturing etc.

Odoo PLM helps your business to manage engineering changes and versions easity and offers the following benefits for your business:

Track Changes Easily With Versioning

Odoo Product Lifecycle Management helps you to manage multiple BoM revisions and MO routing revisions with its versioning capability. Moreover, you can update the work operations and track changes easily according to the revisions applied to the BoM through this feature. This also eases the management of multiple Engineering Bill of Material (EBoMs) and Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBoMs) and eliminates multiple unnecessary steps.

With Odoo PLM, you can work on several versions of the same BoM in parallel and apply only the differences to manage multiple changes. Moreover, alerts relating to BOMs and manufacturing workflow changes can also be sent to notify production teams at the right time through Odoo PLM.

Efficient Product Lifecycle Management

Odoo PLM allows you to keep a track of product versions and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs). An ECO workflow allows you to capture the requirement for an upcoming product or updates for existing products. Odoo PLM solution helps you to define BoMs of different manufacturing processes and also provides you with the ability to set its sequence and priority.

It also provides you with a collaborative model for managing products with seamless operations. As per the production procedure of BoMs are executed, the inventory and accounting entries will also be automatically done. You can easily configure and generate product cost sheets with materials, labor and overhead while flexibly managing the cost definitions and improving efficiency of the product management

Tracking Engineering Changes

Product engineering management is highly dependent on efficient communication between multiple teams. Odoo PLM helps you achieve just that in your business by providing the power of an interactive social network between different departments. You can ensure consistent quality of the product by taking care of engineering management, accurate forecasting through Odoo PLM by tracking changes with kanban process for different versions and routes. All the teams can follow specific steps to achieve goals, get timely approvals and participate in centralised real-time discussions on documents.

Systematic Document Storing

Documents used in the product development process such as drawings and worksheets are prone to changes by different members of the teams every now and then. And as these changes are crucial for determining the success rate of the product, it is important that all the designated people in the network have access to the changes reflected in the product documents. With Odoo PLM, all the members of the team get the ability to track the documents associated with product cycle and achieve traceability, and store plans and worksheet directly on bill of materials and routings. Other than this, you can also send updated information on the worksheets in the form of alerts to the manufacturing teams and notify them. Odoo PLM also allows you to attach your documents directly to BoMs and routings.

Managing your project lifecycle can become extremely easy and smooth with Odoo PLM solutions as they can also be integrated with other apps like manufacturing, purchase, maintenance and quality.

Odoo ERP systems provide you with features that are created to maintain world-class enterprise manufacturing for businesses. You can get through the challenges of providing safety and operational efficiency along with automated support resources for your businesses by integrating Odoo ERP in your business model today.