What Is Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Traveling from one country to other in a day or few hours was the like the fairy tales before some decades. The joy of the sessional product without the session, Having video call with the person seating 1000+ miles away, a great era of the eCommerce and many more was also a kind of story before some decades. If we study any of those businesses from the embryo level then we will found that they all are conceived with the main goal to solve the someone’s problem. The passion to solve the problem has resulted in the industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution can be categorized in the in the 4 version.

1. Industry 1.0

The 1800s ->Time when the revolution came in the machine production with the help of the steam and water. and its known as the industrial revolution 1.0

Industry 1.0

2. Industry 2.0

The 1900s ->It was the time when the industries got the booster of the mass production with the machine powered by the electricity and combustion engine. This can be termed as the industrial revolution 2.0

Industry 1.0

3. Industry 3.0

The 1970s ->The introduction of the computer and IT, and industrial robotics result in the advance automation in the production process. This was the starting time of the information age. This can be said to be the era of the industrial revolution 3.0

Industry 1.0

4. Industry 4.0

The 2015s + -> The era can be termed as the industrial revolution 4.0 aka industry 4.0 . The time of the introduction of the IOT in with the advanced computer system and industrial robotics has resulted in the huge growth. This can be noticed in the digitalization in the supply chain management, Manufacturing automation, also the wide range of the digital product and the services are introduced, advanced data analytics helped to achieve the more accuracy and perfection.

Industry 1.0

It’s common that question arises in mind that what makes the industrial revolution this much fast and rapid. According to my opinion the core focus of the industries range from the MNC to small and medium scale industries are upon the key factors like 1) Minimum efforts 2) Minimum time utilization 3) optimum utilization of the resources has affected a lot. This all can be archived through harmonized coordination and tuning in the 1) Production cycle 2) Supply chain etc..The industrial 4.0 has contributed lots to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and productivity with the optimum utilization of the resources.

After reading this much this you may get more excited to know that how the industrial revolution 4.0 work actually. Here is the simple process that performs is that each predefined process is scripted in the RFID device and RFID devices are attached to the material. The scripts are written such intelligently that product production automatically switches to next process and dynamically interchange the assembly line. It reduces the manpower requirement to great extent.

For example, If we take the process of the chocolate coated Cashew nuts the ERP, IOT device automatically manage the whole process from Cashew size gradation,–> the thickness of the chocolate coating, –> the cooling, freezing, –> Final Quality assurance, packing of the various size to storing in the appropriate storage location -> and also verify automatically that product has gone through all the process or not. Also, it manages the inventory level and decision-related to which product is to dispatch first and how in the automated supply chain as per the orders.

Finally, I can say that the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the archive with a combination of the lots of the new technologies implementation with the ERP as per your business type nature and requirement. Their technologies which can be implemented in the combination are Big data, Cloud server, Virtual reality, Industrial Internet of things , additive manufacturing, and industrial robotics. While implementing the all these technologies I think that the primary requirement is ERP. ERP work as the base of a pizza. All the technologies are work as the different types of the gravy and cheese. A good ERP consultant can help you to make the best test with the great combination of all these things. As per my opinion, the Odoo is most suggested open source ERP. The reason is that itself has the great potential, for example, It already provides inbuilt VoIP integration, Several API integrations also Odoo PosBox machine, and taking input-output through the scanning machine makes stupendous among the other ERP.

Odoo has already proved by satisfying the need of the majority of the business sector. Here is some advanced level of the industrial 4.0 solution can be achieved with Odoo ERP.

Manufacturing industries

Industry 1.0

Packaging Industries

Industry 1.0

Automated Supply Chain

Industry 1.0