Install ERPNext In Ubuntu 16.04

ERPNext is one of the best open source ERP available in the market & is one of the longer-running open source ERP projects. ERPNext is Designed for the Small Medium Businesses(SMB). ERPNext is having a large community and an active development status.

In this article We are explaining how to install ERPNext in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server step by step.

Step 1:

Be root! To install ERPNext make sure you have sudo access or in the system, you logged in as root. if not then run below command.

sudo su

Step 2:

Update the Ubuntu Server. below command will update the latest version of the packages and perform the function of the necessary server upgrade.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Step 3:

Ubuntu server 16.04 does not come with python preinstalled, python 2.7 is required to run ERPNext. below command will install python 2.7 in ubuntu server.

sudo apt-get install python-minimal

Step 4:

We will get the file from the github using below command to install ERPNext.


Step 5:

Run the script depending on development or production environment, while the script is running you will be asked for Passwords for Frappe Administrator and MariaDB (root) will be asked.

  • Development Enviroment
  • python --develop --user frappe
  • Production Environment
  • sudo python --production

Above script will

  1. Install all the pre-requisites
  2. Install the command line utility bench
  3. Create a new bench (a folder that will contain your entire frappe/erpnext setup)
  4. Create a new site on the bench

Step 6:

If you have installed ERPNext for development environment then you need to start the server using bench CLI.

bench start

For Production setup the ERPNext startup is managed by nginx and supervisor.

Once the installation process is completed, visit your server IP address and you will see the ERPNext Login screen.

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