How ERP Improve The Business Process?
Business Process

There is no universally accepted definition for the improvement in the business. Process and the improvement get differs from the business to business. Even though it is universally accepted that Continuously re-evaluation of the business process can be said as an elixir for growing business life. The continuous efforts on a re-evaluation bring the improvement in many aspects of the organization and make them more efficient, while inefficient processes can bring a company to its knees. It will be not oversaid If I say this continuous evaluation introduce Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP).

Observation and Analysis

For any business vertical, the very first thing which needs to be undertaken in process improvement is the Observation and Analysis. Using the Enterprise Resources Planning Software (ERP) for the observation and the analysis is highly suggested. Enterprise Resources Planning Software (ERP) provides a wide range of reports that give a clear picture of the outcome of business process. In the case of the reporting, I suggest Odoo as it provides the 100+ Reporting and also you can create your custom reports as per your need.

Optimum Resources Allocation & Utilization

It’s kind of the game of the chess When to use the knight, queen etc.. In a general, if I say that 4M is the core heart of any business i.eMen Material, Machine, and Money. An ERP Software keeps the track of the each of them and helps to build the Strategy for Optimum Allocation & Utilization of the 4M. Resources occupancy chart, Resources Depreciation alert, and many more things that help the decision maker to make the wise decision and Optimum Strategy.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Strategy

The wide and rapid growth of the Artificial Intelligence technology and automation tools has plugged a winges to business. In the improvement of the Business Process, automation strategy helps to improve the accuracy efficiency and time boundness. Use of the RFID Sensor, Barcode scanner and automatic cleaning machine, packing and its integration with the ERP helps to overcome the lots of human error and have proven the best result in improving the business processes.

Correct Implementation of the ERP

Implementing the ERP is most important part in optimizing the business process. As in stiching the perfect attire, it requires the knowledge of material type, colors sense, seasonal outfit and the nature of the person. Otherwise top branded material also give the wired look . Same as in the ERP implementation also an understanding of the business requirement is a must. Proper implementation of the ERP improve the smoothness with productivity in process. Create accountability and responsibility.

Improper implementation of the ERP leads to not only slower the Business process but it may also result in the many unexpected loss.